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TAUNTON HOMES: More than 6,000 new homes will be delivered

TAUNTON HOMES: More than 6,000 new homes will be delivered

Image: LDRS

More than 6,000 new homes will be delivered across Taunton in the coming years as new and recently approved developments take shape.

As the largest settlement within the Somerset West and Taunton district, Taunton is expected to deliver a significant amount of new housing over the next two decades.

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, construction is currently proceeding on a number of sites either in the town itself or on its fringes – and further sites are in the pipeline pending decisions by councillors or planning officers.

So as the lockdown restrictions slowly begin to ease, it’s a good time to take stock and see where things stand regarding major housing developments in Somerset’s county town.

For these purposes, we will not be including any of the sites identified for future housing within the council’s own Taunton 2040 Vision.

While many of these sites may see the light of day in the coming years, no formal planning applications have been submitted for any of them – so it’s simply too early to tell whether they’ll come to fruition any time soon.

With this in mind, here’s all the sites in Taunton where you’ll be seeing a combined total of 6,365 homes delivered in the not-too-distant future:

Cheddon Road – 150 homes

Gladman Developments was originally refused permission for 180 homes on this site in July 2019, with councillors ruling it would damage the natural environment and was outside the Taunton settlement boundary.

The developer has now come back with new plans for the same site, reducing the number of homes to 150 – though it’s unclear how soon a decision on these amended proposals will be made.

Coal Orchard – 42 flats

One of the council’s flagship regeneration projects, the Coal Orchard site will include 42 one- and two-bedroom flats on top of new restaurants, a gym, commercial units and new steps leading down to the River Tone.

Work on the site, near the Brewhouse Theatre, is due to be completed in May, with the first show home being available for public viewings around Easter.

Comeytrowe urban extension – 2,000 homes and a new primary school

The Comeytrowe urban extension lies between the A38 Wellington Road and Honiton Road, and will provide a total of 2,000 homes on the western edge of the county town over the next ten years.

Detailed planning permission for more than 200 new homes on the site has already been granted, with Somerset County Council promising that the new primary school will be delivered by September 2023.

Firepool – number of homes unknown

The district council’s other major regeneration project (on a site which has lain dormant since 2008) will contain some form of residential development – but we don’t have specific figures at this stage.

According to the council’s masterplan from June 2019, three of the six blocks making up the site will include some form of housing – including around 20 flats near the Viridor building and “terraced town houses” near the river.

Hartnells Farm phases two & three – 101 homes

The Hartnells Farm site lies within the Monkton Heathfield urban extension, and will deliver a combined total of 325 new homes under outline plans approved in 2015.

The council approved permission for the second and third phases (comprising 101 in total) in September 2020, with construction expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Killams Park phase three – 101 homes

The Killams Park development in the south of Taunton is being delivered in several phases by Summerfield Developments

The developer – which is currently in a dispute with residents over the siting of a play area – submitted plans for the third phase back in April 2020, meaning a decision can be expected in the coming months.

Lyngford Lane – 347 homes

Located near the Nerrols Primary School, this development will see a new roundabout created at the junction with Cheddon Road, with Lyngford Lane to the south being closed off.

It has been more than a year since plans to develop this site were put forward by Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes – so a decision on these proposals can be expected very shortly.

Monkton Heathfield urban extension phase two – 1,500 homes and a new primary school

Phase two of this extension on the north-eastern side of Taunton will deliver 1,500 new homes as well as a new school to accommodate up to 420 pupils.

The council carried out local consultation on the masterplan for phase two in early-2020, though no formal planning applications have yet been submitted.

North Taunton Woolaways regeneration – 227 homes 

Under this £14.5M regeneration scheme, “defective” Woolaway homes in the North Taunton area will be demolished and replaced with 227 new properties, (with a further 27 being refurbished).

The work is being carried out in five phases, with the council expecting to fully deliver phase A (comprising 47 homes and a community centre) by September 2022.

Staplegrove urban extension (1,628 homes and new primary school)

The Staplegrove urban extension was approved back in October 2017, but progress has been held up by protracted legal negotiations between the council and developers.

Plans for the first 173 homes could soon be approved, while £14.2M has been set aside to deliver both the new primary school and the spine road running through the site from the A358.

Tangier gasworks site – 178 flats

The former Tangier gasworks site has planning permission in place for up to 178 new properties (mainly flats) after planning permission was granted in December 2018.

Progress on the site has stalled since then – but there have been reports that the council may have purchased the site in order to kick-start its regeneration.

Tangier Way retirement community (72 flats)

The Riverain Lodge retirement community is currently being built by Churchill Retirement Homes after planning permission was granted in April 2019.

Construction on the former Lidl supermarket site was briefly delayed by the coronavirus, but work has now resumed to deliver the properties.

Words: Daniel Mumby, Local Democracy Reporter

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