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E-SCOOTERS: Homeowner woke up to find 100 outside his house

E-SCOOTERS: Homeowner woke up to find 100 outside his house

Image: SWNS

A stunned homeowner woke up to find over a HUNDRED e-scooters outside his house - after it was made an official parking spot.

Baffled Shane Clarke, 60, came home Friday evening to the sight of an e-scooter pile up outside his property.

Shane and his wife then woke up to the sight of even more plonked outside his property in a posh suburb in Bristol on Saturday morning.

Retired medic Shane said people have been leaving some Voi scooters outside his house for a while at the top of Elm Lane off Whiteladies Road.

But he suspects other locations may have been removed from a list of designated scooter parking spots from an official app.

He says it has left his house as the only option to leave scooters in the area - and says he counted over 100.

Shane said: “We lost count at one point so we might have broken the hundred mark.

''What would be really helpful is if somebody had said ‘sorry about this, we’ll work on it.’

“The sub-contractors who came to collect them said ‘bloody hell we’ve not seen anything like this'.

“My wife saw one of our local elderly residents tripping up over a scooter outside.

''I found a couple of thatcher’s cans and bottle just chucked into our front garden.''

The scooters have since been cleared by the council from outside the home - which is just across from a massive park, the Bristol Downs.

Voi scooters can be rented in Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire through the West of England Combined Authority's trial scheme.

The use of scooters use is controlled via an app - Each scooter is 'geo-tagged' meaning they will only operate in certain zones, and at limited speeds.

Users have to park them in designated parking spots generally on broad pavements - If not - the app can fine them.

Only adults with a driving licence are allowed to hire e-scooters.

Shane emphasised he has no issues with the scooters being trialled in Bristol, but feels the way in which they’re stored need to change.

He added: “From my point of view I have no problem at all with the scooters apart from the obvious – sometimes they’re not ridden responsibly. I think they’re a nice idea.

“Talking to other hirers - they’re asking ’where is the alternative nearest parking space?’
They’re saying this is the most convenient spot.

“As they're supposed to be on road – if we’re going to go ahead with the experiment it would make sense for them to be somewhere with space around them, perhaps the waterfront.

“Or alternatively give over parking spaces for them.

“But I guess that would be a whole other debate as to whether residents would be happy with that.”

It has been over five months since a Government trial scheme saw e-scooters pop up across the South West, including in Gloucester, Yeovil, Bristol and Bath.

While privately-owned scooters are still illegal to use on public roads and pavements, the scheme has been launched to see how well they mix on the region's roads.

Richard Corbett, the Regional General Manager of Voi UK & Ireland, previously told ITV News West Country: "E-scooters are here to really solve the transport challenge that we have in the UK.

"We need to find an alternative form of transport to riding by car - 50 per cent of nitrogen dioxide in our atmosphere is from road transport."

Shane's issues with e-scooters comes at the same time as crime has been linked to areas trialling the initiative.

A recent investigation from the Mail has revealed robberies, assaults and even a drive-by shooting are among hundreds of crimes involving thugs on electric scooters.

The crimewave has been disclosed by police in areas that have given the go-ahead to e-scooter pilot schemes.

Bristol Council has been approached for comment.

Words: Ollie Buckley, Local Democracy Reporter

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