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CARE HOME CRISIS: Pandemic efforts improve outlook on care homes in the UK


CARE HOME CRISIS: Care homes play a larger role in our lives than we think. In fact, more than half (54%) of UK adults have, or have had, a friend or family member live in a care home.


During the pandemic care homes were placed in the spotlight and, as a result, awareness and knowledge of what they are and how they operate has increased. Now, more than two thirds (67%) claim to know more about the industry than ever before.


With this increase in knowledge comes an increase in trust, with confidence in the safety of care homes almost doubling year-on-year (24% to 45%). Overall, more than a third (34%) agree that their impression of care homes is now more positive than before the pandemic.


Our perception has also changed, with 47% viewing a care home as a ‘home’ for older people, rather than just a ‘place’ for people to spend the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, nearly half (47%) would feel more comfortable if a loved one with dementia lived in a care home to have people around them interacting, supporting and caring for them and just under a third (32%) agree they believe a care home offers a sense of community to help tackle loneliness.


This is perhaps echoed by the concerns of loneliness and isolation felt by many during the pandemic, with 56% of people who know or have known a family, friend or loved one in a care home admitting they felt worried for their loved ones mental health during the lockdowns due to separation.


Furthermore, 39% believe that a choice of social and leisure activities for residents is important for a sense of independence, confidence, and positive self-image, whilst 40% believe recreational activities such as creative arts, entertainment or an outing to the shops/hair dressers are on-par with traditional methods for the long-term care of adults with dementia and other similar illnesses.


But what do people want for their loved ones when it comes to a home for later life?


Although confidence in care has increased, over half of people still believe a care home is just a place for people to spend the rest of their lives (53%), and not a desirable place for later life or a home with 15% agreeing they don’t believe care homes offer a sense of community to help battle loneliness. Vida Healthcare are acting to change this with their new, revolutionary care home Vida Court ‘the Care home of the Future’.


Vida Court is a new specialist dementia care home designed to care for residents living with dementia. The culmination of 10 years of research is embodied in the site, heavily influencing its design, technology and choice of facilities, to ensure healthy wellbeing for residents, their visiting family, and staff.

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