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COMING SOON: Voi e-scooter docking stations in Bristol

COMING SOON: Voi e-scooter docking stations in Bristol

Image: LDRS

Docking stations for Voi e-scooters could be coming to Bristol, the city’s mayor has suggested.

Marvin Rees said the parking racks, which are not charging stations, would help to keep the electric scooters tidy when they are not in use.

If follows news that Bristol City Council is looking to turn car parking spaces into parking zones for Voi e-scooters after numerous complaints about e-scooter clutter.

There have been several incidents of pavements being blocked by parked e-scooters, which can create dangerous obstacles for pedestrians.

In South Gloucestershire, it is hoped that parking racks and painted bays in Filton, Patchway, Bradley Stoke and Stoke Gifford will reduce the problem.

A Voi docking station has already appeared on a pavement in Bradley Stoke.

Asked whether Bristol would follow suit at a press briefing on Wednesday (August 18), Mr Rees said it would.

“They’re not docking stations for charging, but just to help make sure that when people drop their scooters off they are all tidy,” he said.

“When the teams from Voi go out and replace the batteries overnight, you can see they line them up nice and tidy.

“But sometimes the situations can end up a bit more chaotic, so certainly we’d like some…fenced-off spacing for scooters.”

Mr Rees said Bristol City Council had discussed the matter with Voi already.

“This shouldn’t be problematic,” he said. “It’s about us then agreeing what those locations are.

“It’s probably taking a car parking space away from here and there,” he added, noting that each parking space lost would meant lost revenue for the city.

Clifton councillor and Green group leader Paula O’Rourke said on Twitter that around a dozen sites could be used in a pilot scheme to turn car parking bays into Voi parking ‘hubs’.

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “We are aware that there have been problems caused by large numbers of scooters being parked on pavements and together we are continuing to explore a range of different options to help manage this issue, including using car parking spaces rather than pavements.

“The e-scooter trial in Bristol is being managed by Voi and the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and we are continuing to work with them to address ongoing issues as well as encouraging an improvement to messaging to riders to park e-scooters responsibly.

“These discussions are continuing with a view to bringing forward proposals for review and approval.”


Words: Amanda Cameron, Local Democracy Reporter

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