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DR HILARY SPEAKS: Deaths from flu could reach 30,000 this winter – 50% more than an average year

DR HILARY: Brits are being urged to book in their flu jabs this year since modelling has suggested this could be a more severe season than usual.

A recent online survey sponsored by Seqirus was conducted in October among 2,007 adults aged 18+ in the UK to ascertain the British public’s intention to vaccinate this flu season

Over half of Brits have not booked/received their flu jabs this year so far

Over a quarter of the nation are reluctant to get more jabs, after COVID, but getting the flu jab is still important for protecting the NHS

20% of Brits do not know whether you can catch the flu after having both COVID vaccinations

Dr Hilary Jones discusses the importance of getting the flu jabs this year and answer common myths and questions on the vaccine 

As the colder months approach, so does the flu. This year, people are being urged to book in their flu jabs after suggestions from modelling that this could potentially be one of the worst flu seasons the UK has seen.


New research has found that 2 in 5 Brits are either unsure or do not think it’s more important to get a flu jab this year when in fact, more people are likely to be affected by flu this year as immunity is likely to have declined due to the pandemic.


Three quarters of the nation believe that up to end of October is when they should have received a jab, before the flu hits its peak, but over half of the nation (57%) is still yet to book/receive their flu vaccine. 


Since the pandemic, people have considerably changed the way they think about the flu, which is promising. One fifth now understand just how dangerous a virus can be, while another 1 in 5 (22%) take the flu much more seriously.


With COVID now being a common part of our lives, three quarters express concern about getting flu and COVID at the same time. In fact, research has found that you are more likely to be seriously ill if you do contract both, demonstrating the importance of vaccinations.


Worryingly, over 1 in 5 (21%) do not realise that you can still catch the flu after having both COVID vaccinations, something that needs to be addressed urgently to make sure people are protecting themselves.


On a positive note, hygiene practices that were taken up during the pandemic to help keep people safe are set to continue, with handwashing more thoroughly (64%) and wearing a face mask is busy public places (61%) being the most common things people will continue to do.


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