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ELECTION RESULTS IN: Who are the big winners and the big losers where you are?


The UK went to the polls on Thursday and days later, we finally have a full set of results to look at.

Whilst the Conservative party made the majority of the gains across councils in England, Labour retained their strong majority in the Welsh Senedd and across regional metro mayors - but the story began with Hartlepool’s by election

Conservative Jill Mortimer took the seat from labour, becoming the first conservative MP in the constituency’s history - and it’s first ever female MP.

She won the seat with a majority of nearly seven thousand votes with those heading to the polls in the so-called red wall calling for change.

Across Wales, it was a strong show of support for Labour, who’ve been in power since the Senedd was created in 1999 - with Mark Drakeford returned as First Minister. Due to devolved election powers too, 16 and 17 year olds were able to vote across Wales.

Elections for Metro Mayors across England were also held, with the new post of West Yorkshire going to Labour’s Tracy Brabin - the first ever female metro mayor. This means a by-election for her constituency of Batley and Spen won’t be far away.

In the battle for Tess Valley Mayor, incumbent Ben Houchen was re-elected, with a 70% share of the votes, whilst in the West Midlands, former John Lewis boss Andy Street was re-elected - this was a race Labour were hoping to flip.

Liverpool’s Steve Rotherham and Greater Manchester’s Andy Burnham were both back in post, whilst the West of England welcomed it’s new Labour Mayor Dan Norris.

Across the board, it was a good few days for the Green Party who gained eighty eight councillors whilst - in Bristol - became the largest party on the city council

The Conservatives will have had the biggest celebrations - and the PM will be hoping he can continue to capture former Labour heartlands in the months to come.

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