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EXTENDED SCHOOL DAY: Education Secretary says there is a “strong case” for extending the school day


The Education Secretary has said he believes there is a “strong case” for having an extended school day for children.

Gavin Williamson said the Government would be reviewing school hours as part of “further improvements” to England’s teaching system.

The Education Secretary told Sky News: “Longer term, we do want to see further changes and further improvements.

“That’s why we are doing a review in terms of time within schools, how best we can use it.

“I think there is a debate to be had whether children should be exiting the school gate as they do in some schools at 2.45pm, or whether they should be in school later.

“Have we condensed down the lunch time? It used to be an hour, sometimes in schools it is half an hour.

“It is right that we work with schools and teachers, as well as parents and children, as to what delivers them the best benefit.”

The idea of longer school days was discussed back in March. 


Playing COVID catch-up

The Education Secretary has also said the £1.4 billion announced for pupil Covid catch-up was “part of a process” of recovery.

The Cabinet minister also said that he had been “working closely” with the Government’s catch-up tsar on the plan, following reports Sir Kevan Collins had called for £15 billion of investment to increase learning opportunities.

Mr Williamson told Sky News: “It is a lot of money and it builds on £1.7 billion that we’ve already committed in terms of actually delivering for children – it is an extra £100 million hours of tutoring.

“It is making sure that children who need that help, who need that support, that we’re delivering that tutoring revolution to help them get it.

“But we recognise it is part of a process. Over the past 12 months, we have already announced a previous £1.7 billion worth of additional funding and we are looking at a whole raft of additional ideas for how we can continue to support our children, making sure none of them are left behind.”

Asked about the education recovery commissioner’s reported recommendation, Mr Williamson replied: “We have been working very closely with Sir Kevan Collins and actually the interventions around tutoring, driving up teaching quality, these are very much built on the work we’ve been doing together, recognising how incredibly important it is that we take on these interventions in order to help children.”

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