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HEROIC ACTS: Newcastle fan in stable condition after mid-game scare

HEROIC ACTS: Newcastle fan in stable condition after mid-game scare

Credit: PA Owen Humphreys

Time stood still yesterday at St James’ Park, as the game between Newcastle United and Tottenham was suspended due to a fan being taken ill in the stands.

Newcastle United announced via Twitter that the fan is now in a stable condition and is responsive, the only result that really mattered yesterday.

This morning, the fan’s son tweeted to give an update on his father’s condition and to also give thanks to those that helped.


Credit: @PaulSmi74087101

The incident occurred during the first half, which saw play suspended after Tottenham duo Sergio Reguilon and Eric Dier brought what was happening to the attention of the referee.

The pair were also responsible for urging medical staff to rush to the fans location with a defibrillator.

Newcastle’s club doctor Dr Paul Catterson raced across the pitch to provide additional support to fans that were giving CPR with the defibrillator.

Eye witnesses of the event have spoken about how a female fan was first to provide CPR to the ill taken fan.

A&E doctor Dr Tom Prichard also was able to provide support after racing to the scene from his seat in the Gallowgate stand.

After the fan had been safely taken out of the ground and quickly taken to the RVI hospital just minutes behind the ground, Dr Prichard returned to his seat.

Prichard was welcomed back to his seat with a standing ovation, with 10,000 supporters audibly chanting ‘hero’.

The heroic acts of the supporters who initially brought the incident to the players, the duo that had the game stopped and then saw that a defibrillator was brought to the location of the incident and the fans that were able to provide CPR are all responsible that the ill taken fan was provided with support as soon as possible.

After the game, Reguilon spoke to Sky Sports: “I saw the fan lying down and one man (giving him CPR), I was very nervous, I went to the referee and said we cannot play, stop the match.”

The incident, has many pleading the importance to learn CPR and that defibrillators need to be more easy to access.


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