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KRISTEN STEWART: Diana’s legacy is present in William and Harry

Kristen Stewart has said she was acutely aware of the grief of the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex while playing the role of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales in new film Spencer.

The highly anticipated movie finds Diana at breaking point in her marriage to Charles, but obliged to spend Christmas with the royal family at Sandringham.

Much of the film centres on Diana’s relationship with the young princes and Stewart said she was anxious to be respectful of them.

She told the PA news agency: “They’re in the movie, they’re the most important part of the movie, they are so character defining.

“It’s funny to say character defining, she’s not a character, and I could never be her for real, we could never know her completely.

“Ironically she’s a very unknowable figure, which is her plight, it’s sad, she just wanted to be known and to be available and she was to a certain extent, but she’s in a uniquely singular position.

Stewart also said she was so “debilitatingly petrified” about playing Diana that she suffered a physical reaction before shooting started.

She said: “I had this really intense TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder, a condition affecting the movement of the jaw), I couldn’t open my mouth,” the actress recalls.

“And as we all know, when Diana speaks, it’s so open.

“So at this point I’d done all my research, I had prepped, prepped, prepped, and I wasn’t scared and it was totally worth doing this and I was totally ready, yet I can’t open my mouth.

“So I think I was kind of trying to tell myself that I wasn’t scared, but was clearly debilitatingly petrified.

“But then I woke up on the day first day of shooting and suddenly was just able to move.

“But I wasn’t sleeping. I knew about the film for almost actually two years before we started filming and I will tell you that there wasn’t one morning or one night where I went to sleep or woke up not going ‘At some point I’m going to have to actually do this.’

“It’s all well and good to think about, it’s fun, and it’s cool, but it was one of those morning loomers for a really long time.”

Spencer is out now in UK cinemas.

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