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NATIONAL NEWS ROUNDUP: 1 in 10 to develop diabetes by 2030 AND climate change expert’s warning


Now it’s time for your roundup of national news headlines from across England and Wales including, 1 in 10 to develop diabetes by 2030, a climate expert’s advise to change our lifestyle, and mock second class stamps designed to raise awareness of disability inequality. 

DEVELOP DIABETES: Almost one in ten people in the UK  will develop diabetes by 2030, with obesity fuelling a rise in cases, a charity has warned. Some five point five million people are likely to be living with diabetes within the next decade, putting them at risk of "devastating complications" including heart attacks, kidney failure, stroke, amputation and blindness, Diabetes UK said.

Chris Askew, the charity’s chief executive, said the country is “at the tipping point of a public health emergency” and action is needed “to stop it in its tracks”.

Unless something is done to stem the rise in cases, Diabetes UK estimates there could be more than 87,000 hospital admissions a year in England by 2030 for the condition.

NET ZERO: The Government must engage people in the "profoundly positive" changes in life that lie ahead as the UK moves to a "net zero" economy, a leading climate adviser has warned. The Climate Change Committee's chief executive, Chris Stark, said switching to green cars, heating and jobs, in order to meet targets to drive down greenhouse gas emissions, can have huge benefits.

SECOND CLASS STAMPS: A charity has created a set of mock second-class stamps using illustrations of six Paralympians with cerebral palsy to highlight inequality suffered by people with the condition. The stamps were created for a campaign by the charity Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub, which said it wants the Government to stamp out healthcare imbalances.

Athletes who feature on the stamps include boccia player David Smith, who was ParalympicsGB’s flagbearer for the closing ceremony of this year’s Tokyo Games.

Three-time Paralympic champion Mr Smith said: “I am an exception in that being an athlete puts me in the fortunate position of having regular access to things like physiotherapy.

“Obviously not everyone is a world-class athlete but that’s no reason not to have fair healthcare.

“It should be for everyone.”

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