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NATIONAL NEWS ROUNDUP: Cheese and wine picture defended AND bookings for young teens to get jabs in England


CHEESE AND WINE: Now it's time for your national headlines.

Dominic Raab has defended a picture showing Boris Johnson and his staff enjoying cheese and wine in the Downing Street garden during the first national lockdown. The Deputy Prime Minister stressed the garden was a "place of work" and that it was not "against the regulations". Downing Street have said the photo shows colleagues who were required to be in work, meeting following a press conference to discuss work."

Next - Bookings have opened for children aged 12 to 15 in England to get their second dose of a coronavirus vaccine. All those in that age group who are eligible will be able to book their jab through the NHS online booking service if their first dose was more than twelve weeks ago.

And finally, Complaints to Ofcom increased by one hundred and twenty four percent this year, driven in part by Piers Morgan's comments about the Duchess of Sussex on Good Morning Britain. The broadcast in March was the most complained-about TV episode of twenty twenty one, prompting fifty four and a half thousand complaints to the media watchdog.

Responding to the announcement on Twitter, he said: “Delighted to have perpetrated the most complained about moment on UK TV for 2021 … especially because every single one of the absurd complaints was rejected.”

It was a record year for complaints, with more than 150,000 made to Ofcom. The total figure did not include complaints about the BBC, which are handled by the corporation in the first instance.

Adam Baxter, Ofcom’s director of standards and audience protection, said: “Interestingly, it’s a relatively small number of TV shows driving the lion’s share; the top five most-complained about programmes account for 80% of all complaints.

“Social media – a digital home for modern-day water-cooler conversations – also has its influence on complaints figures.

“But for me, these volumes demonstrate the British public’s interest and passion for TV and radio programmes, and shows just how important they are to the cultural fabric of our nation.”

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