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NEWS ROUNDUP: Resident’s views on freedom day & Glastonbury Festival alcohol licence


Taunton residents have been sharing their views on freedom day and Glastonbury Festival have applied for an alcohol licence.

Freedom Day

Residents in Taunton have shared their views on coronavirus restrictions easing and it's a mixed picture. Some believe it is happening too soon and should be delayed further, while others feel that if restrictions aren't lifted now, then when?

The Local Democracy Reporting Service spoke to numerous people in Taunton’s Goodland Gardens on Thursday lunchtime (July 15).

The site is a popular destination for recreation and leisure, and recently saw the addition of what is claimed to be the first rainbow path on the UK mainland.

For Tony and Glynis Dunkley – who have both received two vaccine doses – the relaxing of restrictions is unwelcome at a time when cases continue to rise.

Mrs Dunkley said: “There’s been 500,000 pings on the NHS app in a week. I’m just thinking it’s silly to proceed.

“We are lucky to be living down here where people are generally sensible.”

Mr Dunkley added: “There have been too many mixed messages from the government about what you can and can’t do. Boris’ press conferences have been abysmal.”

Ann Porter, who has also received both jabs, said she would continue to be sensible as restrictions lifted, arguing there would never be a perfect time to scale things back

She said: “It is difficult, because if we do not do this now, then when? There is never going to be a right time.

“I do not go on buses very often, but I do use the train and I will continue to wear a mask when I do so.”

Tackling the climate crisis
Drivers could be charged to use Bath’s roads if progress to tackle the climate emergency is too slow. Part of the local plan includes reducing car dominance to change the way we travel. If approved, changes will promote wind turbines and solar farms, and require developers to boost biodiversity.
Glastonbury Festival 
Up to 3,000 campers will be able to consume alcohol on the Glastonbury Festival site this summer if a new licence is granted. Organisers have applied for a licence to sell alcohol from the Goose Hall on site. This would allow the company to provide refreshment for 3,000 attendees at any one time, with the building and surrounding area accommodating up to 200 people.

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