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Theatre: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Theatre: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Everybody’s talking about Jamie and they will be for a very long time.  

 Being a fan of musical theatre and the work of Layton Williams I was much looking forward to seeing Jamie and I was not disappointed. On the contrary, my expectations were very much exceeded. From the fast start which came out of the blue, to the smoothest scene changes I think I’ve ever seen in theatre there was so much to enjoy for all, no matter what part of the production process you enjoy.

Let’s firstly talks about the lead Layton Williams. Jamie New is a role that Layton was born to play. Those who are familiar with his work will know his is no stranger to dancing around a stage with heels and his performance as Jamie was no exception. It was clear that Williams was enjoying every minute of being on stage, and his love for the job came through with every note and move he hit. 

George Sampson (Dean) and Layton Williams (Jamie New) in the Everybody's Talking About Jamie Tour. Photo credit Matt Crockett

Shane Richie, who played the role of Hugo and his Drag alter ego Loco Channel, was hilarious. The audience were very pleased to see him and he did the role justice. 

All the other supporting roles were amazing especially Sharan Phull as Pritti Pasha and  Amy Ellen Richardson as Margaret New, Jamie’s Mum. The voices of both these woman were a stand out for me I can’t put into words how amazing they were. I am aware that is my job so I can only apologise for that but just take it from me they were spectacular 

The company of the Everybody's Talking About Jamie Tour. Photo credit Matt Crockett

 One of the best things about the show for me was they way it had been adapted for a post Covid audience. there were many jokes and references to the pandemic but in a tasteful way that didn’t in anyway take away from the loss that has been felt all over the world in over the past 18 or so months. 


For anyone unfamiliar with the musical the best way I can find to explain it would be to say it’s very Similar to Billy Elliott.

The show was long which meant that there was a very short interval which wasn’t the best news for all the people behind me in the queue to get a drink and in the toilet queue but that would be the only downside to what was a very enjoyable night. I would without a doubt go and see this show again

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